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CMCA Driver of the Year Award awarded to DBI-Denver Driver Mark Dorrance

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Mark Dorrance
Pictured above from left to right:  Capt. John Hahn of the Colorado State Patrol, Mark Dorrance - Dixon Bros., Inc.- Denver, Capt. Leonard Dittman Colorado State Patrol

The Colorado Motor Carriers Association annual safety awards were presented on Friday April 13th, 2018.  The Safety Awards Banquet honors the trucking industry's top fleets, safety supervisors and drivers.  Mark Dorrance, Driver for Dixon Bros., Inc. - Denver, was honored by being awarded the CMCA's Driver of the Year Award.

Mark qualified for the Driver of the Year Award by being selected as “Hourly Driver of The Month” for February 2017.  To qualify for the Driver of the Year award you must have been selected for one of the Driver of the Month awards in either the “Hourly” or “Mileage” categories.  The Driver of the Month recipients are selected based upon their superior driving record and the professionalism they have demonstrated throughout their driving careers.

Mark Dorrance has had a long and interesting career.  Mark’s passion for trucks and driving started with his first ride in a 1950 Rio that his father had when he was about 4 years old.  Mark learned how to drive trucks from his father.  He also drove for his father’s construction company hauling drywall material until the company was sold in the early 70’s.  Mark wanted to continue driving truck but he also wanted to be at home each evening with his family.  On one of his last runs for his father’s company he visited with a Petco driver at the port of entry and asked the driver if they were home every night and found out they were.  Mark had never worked for anyone else and felt strange applying for a job.  Without any experience driving tankers, Mark applied for a driving job at Petco.  Petco hired Mark and provided training to drive petroleum tankers.  On March 1, 1975 Mark began his career driving petroleum tankers.

Mark’s only carrier accident occurred early in his career.  It happened on a cold winter day in December of 1975 on a snowy US 285 just west of the Kenosha pass headed into South Park.  It was a frightening accident from which Mark escaped with only a broken foot and a few bumps and bruises.  The other driver was cited for backing up a hill on the wrong side of the road.

Since that December day Mark has had a remarkable driving career.  Driving in Denver, Colorado traffic is a challenge for anyone in a car let alone a petroleum tanker.  And for anyone who has driven the Loveland Pass they know what a challenge it is during the snow season. The geography, Mother Nature and the population base of the Front Range and Denver gives every driver daily challenges.  Mark has been able to overcome those daily challenges and has had an exemplary driving career.  He is the type of driver every trucking company wants to employ.  Someone who is knowledgeable, does his job efficiently and without incident.   

Mark’s family is important to him.  His wife, Crystal, children, and grandchildren were able join Mark at the awards ceremony.  Also in attendance to see Mark receive the Driver of The Year Award were Dean Teter, Sr. Director of Safety for Dixon Bros., Inc. and an over 30 year friend, Marly Ogden, Denver Terminal Manager Dixon Bros., Inc., Jim Dixon Founder of Dixon Bros., Inc. and Allen (Jimmy) Dixon, Vice-President & COO of Dixon Bros., Inc.

For more information about Mark’s remarkable career please check our News/Blog titled “A Drivers Story”.

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